How You Can Help!

The GMT is unusual in the sense that its trustees have made a policy decision that donors to the trust may actually specify which of the objects of the trust they wish their donations to be utilized.
So a donor may stipulate that the money he has donated be used only for scholarships, of for a particular orphanage the Trustees will honour the wishes of the Donor, and also provide evidence if required by the donor, that the donation has been used for the purpose designated subject to the deduction of the administrative charges which should be minimal..
Since the GMT is an approved institution the donor will be able to claim tax exemption with the official receipt provided.
Prospective donors may wish to discuss this matter with any of the trustees or Mr. Navamukundan.
The contact numbers and emails of the trustees are given in their biodata.
Our trust deed expressly states as follows:-
The Trustees shall stand possessed of the Trust Fund upon the following trusts namely ;-
(a) Upon trust, in the first instance, to collect dividends interest and other income of the Trust Fund and from and out of the same in the first place pay all costs charges and expenses of and incidental to the management administration and execution of the Trust and powers herein contained.
(b) Subject to the provisions of sub-clause (a) the Trustees shall hold the Trust Fund upon trust so that the income and also the corpus or any part thereof shall be used for all or any of the following objects and purposes :-
  1. To erect upon the Trust property held under Suratan Hakmilek Sementara No. H.S.(D) 17584 Lot No. P.T. 1 Sec. 69 in the Town of Kuala Lumpur and/or such other land as may hereafter be acquired by the Trust, a building by way of a Memorial for Mahatma Gandhi;

  2. To establish maintain and administer libraries reading rooms mobile libraries and other facilities of like nature to disseminate knowledge of and promote the study of the teachings and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi;

  3. To establish maintain and carry on educational institutions orphanages hospitals training centres and of other relief and charitable works and institutions of a similar nature.

  4. To establish maintain and administer institutions to provide for training facilities in technical and cultural subjects.

  5. To maintain scholarship funds and to grant scholarships on such terms as the Trustees think fit from time to time.

  6. To print publish product sell and distribute gratuitously or otherwise books journals periodicals brochures films and such other visual materials for pro-pagating the objects of the Trust.

  7. To arrange public lecture and to convene other lectures siminar or meeting on Gandhian ideals and precepts at such time and place as the Trustees shall determine.

  8. To assist in the establishment of a society whose members are dedicated to the service of the community in the relief of distress, poverty or illiteracy.

  9. To establish maintain or provide for any other activity of a charitable nature and to sponsor the formation of any separate foundation or Trust of a charitable nature.

  10. To conduct and promote other activities in furtherance of Gandhian ideals and precepts as shall from time to time be determined by the Trustees.