Our Mission

The trustees of The Gandhi Memorial Trust (the GMT) warmly welcome all its readers to this website which is another milestone in its history.
The GMT is an Approved Institution under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967 (vide Warta Kerjaan Persekutuan 2372-19/7/1973. All donations made to the GMT are accordingly exempt from Income Tax.
The approval and exemption aforesaid is a reflection of the confidence reposed by the Government of Malaysia that the GMT has since from its inception faithfully carried out the objects for which it was constituted and will continue to do so.
In its widest perspective the dominant objective of the GMT is "to assist in the establishment of a society whose members are dedicated to the service of the community in the relief of distress, poverty, or illiteracy"
Clause 2 of the Trust Deed which governs the GMT has spelt out in detail how this paramount objective is to be achieved. They include the erection of a Memorial Building, the establishment of libraries and other facilities to disseminate knowledge, to establish and maintain educational institutions, orphanages, hospitals, and training centres in technical and cultural subjects, the maintenance of Scholarship funds, the publication and distribution of written and visual materials to propagate its objectives, the arrangement of public lectures,and generally to maintain and provide for any other charitable activity, and to sponsor other foundations of a charitable nature.
As can be seen from the bio-data the present trustees of the GMT are all persons who are leaders in their respective fields of professional expertise with a proven track record of public service in Malaysia.
The current Chairman is Mr. S. Radhakrishnan. 
All the other members of the team viz. Dato’ Mahadev Shankar, Tan Sri G.K. Rama Iyer, Tan Sri Dato Dr. Abu Bakar Sulaiman, Dato Rommel Joseph, Datuk Dr. Yeoh Poh Hong, Mr A. Navamukundan, Mr Eugene Jayaraj Williams and Mr. N.V. Sree Harry are too well known in the field of professional and public service to need any further elaboration at this juncture.
The mission statement of the Trustees is to use their best endeavours to achieve all the objectives of the Trust during their tenure of office.
Since its inception in 1973 the GMT has largely focused its attention to accumulating a part of its resources to its Building fund, whilst disbursing a substantial part of its income in providing scholarships. It also has arranged for public lectures by distinguished dignitaries from the region, staged essay and short story competitions.
The current focus of your Trustees is to widen its sphere of activities to cover all the objectives and to encourage all other Malaysian charitable institutions to come together to formulate strategies whereby we can become a truly caring and sharing society.
This is also an appropriate occasion to remind ourselves, in a world where the major fault lines are to be found in internecine religious conflicts and in unfair competition for material resources, that although Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian national the values he exemplified are universal.
At a time when all nations are now obsessed with terrorism we also need to ask ourselves why the assassins of Mahatma Gandhi, Liaquat Ali Khan. Solomon Bandarainake, Anwar Sadat, and Sheikh Mujibbur Abdul Rahman to name but a few were all extremists of their own religious denomination.
The successful impetus for freedom provided by the practice of Gandhi's ideals of non-violence, and self-sacrifice, rapidly resulted in the liberation of all the other colonies in the British Empire.
The Gandhi Memorial Trust is a Malaysian body, administered by Malaysians for Malaysians.
We have set up this website to project world-wide, that charity is the only realistic way forward in this troubled world of ours.
If we achieve a measure of success in this multi-racial, multi-ethnic country of ours, surely we will set a good example for others to follow.
Do not wait for your country to do things for you. Our trust is uniquely organized for you to do what you think is best for the world you live in.