Message from the Chairman 2015

Message from Mr Sree Harry Nadarajah.

A warm and cordial welcome to all our visitors to this website which marks another milestone in the ongoing activities of the Gandhi Memorial Trust.

In the past four decades the GMT has provided numerous scholarships to deserving and needy pupils, financed the daily nutritional requirements of poor children unable to feed themselves with the first meal of the day and a range of other charitable activities.

Our object in embarking into cyberspace is to make all aspects of our activities transparent and readily accessible to the general public and also to those who share our ideals about the need to widen the scope of philanthropy in Malaysia and to establish linkages with other philanthropic institutions worldwide.

From our Deed of Trust which is displayed in another segment of this website it will be seen that our objectives cover the entire range of charitable and philanthropic activity all geared to the alleviation of poverty, and illiteracy.

The bio-data of each of the present trustees of the GMT should inspire confidence in the general public that this Trust is managed by persons who have an impeccable record of public service and the attainment of the apex of their individual fields of speciality in their chosen profession.

The mission of the GMT is to make this pool of talent available to the all Malaysians who wish to avail themselves of our services in achieving any of the objectives of our trust deed with specific reference to their chosen beneficiaries who may be indigent or in need of help in any way. The amelioration of distress, poverty and illiteracy is indeed the paramount objective of the 9th Malaysia Plan.

The Trustees of the GMT believe that instead of waiting for handouts the public should be stimulated to take the initiative in promoting and participating in charitable and philanthropic activity. Tax exempt status, which the GMT enjoys, is provided by Government just for this reason.

We therefore invite input from the public on any charitable or philanthropic projects they consider viable, which will ensure that we continue as a just, caring, and stable society.

The Trustees of the Gandhi Memorial Trust look forward to a meaningful partnership with all their well-wishers here in Malaysia and abroad.

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